Porto Pino – Sardinia

Province of Carbonia-Iglesias

Porto Pino is a territory in the south-western coast of Sardinia visited every year by thousands of tourists. It is part of the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi, in the Province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The beach of Porto Pino is made of fine white sand, bordered by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, it also presents a rare pine forest of Aleppo pine which, according to legend was the preferred wood by the Phoenicians for their boats. The Kermes oak joins the Aleppo pine, typical of coastal environments and also very rare in the island.  In the pine forest there are also other species, including Phoenician juniper. On the western side, beaten by the mistral winds, lies instead the low mediterranean scrub and the garrigue dominated by phillyrea, rosemary and several species of Cistus. Instead, on the cliffs, where rock emerges,  grows the rare maritime asterisk  and the sea lavender.

The area of Porto Pino is characterized by a system of ponds used for fish farming that are directly connected to the saline of Santa Caterina. The area is frequented by numerous bird species, including the pink flamingo, egret, kingfisher, common sandpiper.

The sandy strip that separates the sea from the ponds is about 70 meters wide and is occupied, in the inner part, by a pine forest, also this spontaneous, which is directly in front of the beach, which extends for a length of 4 km and is traditionally divided into three portions: two separate beaches, separated from the ruins of a pier, which once protected another adductor canal, and the area of the sand dunes. The so-called first beach stretches behind the municipal parking lots and is formed from compacted gray sand(it is the most frequented by bathers because of the tourist services provided). The second is a beach made up of white sand  and is less crowded, except in its beginnings and ends, which are more easily accessible by roads and parking (it is administratively divided between the municipalities of Sant’Anna Arresi and Teulada). Finally, the area of the dunes, or the white sands (Is arenas biancas), around 1 kilometer long, is located in the municipality of Teulada and within the perimeter of the polygon military of Cape Teulada. Access is allowed only in the summer.

Porto Pino is everywhere famous for its sand dunes, among the highest and largest in Sardinia. A charming scenery which every year attracts a large number of bathers.

 GPS Coordinates Beach Is Arenas Biancas”: 38.939794, 8.624106

 GPS Coordinates Parking of Porto Pino: 38.963308, 8.597972

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