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The special features of the island contribute to forming a specific identity of its inhabitants and surprise in their entirety, starting from the language and various cultural and artistic forms that accompany food products, wines and liqueurs. Here, more than in other regions of Italy the consumption of beer is massive and widespread (65 liters per person each year are twice the 30 litres of the average of every Italian). Drink beer for the Sardinians is like a return to an ancient root of their identity, and then if it is a local beer, then it is like to feel themselves even more proud of their origins. This is probably the reason why the Sardinians love especially the beer Ichnusa, perhaps because in the symbol that is found on the label they find their identity as nation without a state: just looking at the beer of the Four Moors in fact evokes Sardinia and almost materialize perfumes, flavors, colors.

Wine was produced in Sardinia from wild grapes even before the arrival of the Phoenician merchants who traded with the first nuragic Sardinians  on the beaches of the island,  but most of all, beers were  produced from the processing of various types of cereals, mainly wheat and barley. The consumption of beer in Sardinia later experienced a slow decline for both the arrival of the Carthaginians, who forced the Sardinians to produce cereals to replenish their stores, and later through the work of the Romans. In fact Sardinia became the barn of Rome, and for that wine replaced beers in the Romanized areas. The Romans were opposed to the production of beer in order to convey in Rome all  cereals that can be produced in the hot periphery of the empire,  and thus forming a sort of monopoly of the wine, that instead, was sold at a high price in place of beer to subjected peoples. But the Sardinians were never defeated and took refuge in the mountainous  inland of the island, called by the Romans Barbagia or place inhabited by barbarians. From there they usually went down to steal to the farmers in Romanized territory, but the main prey weren’t animal of which they were ranchers, but the wheat and barley, which was used not only for bread but also for the beer. Roman historians tell us that the barbarian tribes were often victims of ambushes of the Romans when they gathered to celebrate and became easy victims of the legionaries for the large amount of beer that had been drinking on those occasions.

After these brief remarks on the origin of brewing in Sardinia, we must note that there are many factors that have led mainly in the past century  to an expansion of production and consumption of beer in Sardinia.
The Ichnusa beer, named after the ancient Sardinia, born under the symbol of the flag of the Region / Country Sarda was the first beer produced in Sardinia (the brewery has just over 100 years), is a type of lager beer with an alcohol content of  4,7%. The faint aroma of hops gives the characteristic slightly bitter taste. Of note, among its ingredients, the presence of corn.

Quality, creativity, desire to experiment and extreme care in the choice of ingredients. These are the secrets of the young master brewers  islanders, who strongly believe in the possibility that the craft beers, that are now a niche product, can conquer an interesting market share. And the flourishing of local breweries shows how the culture of microbreweries is making inroads in the hearts and palates of the Sardinians. Clear, top-fermented, 100% Sardinian, the beer “Speed” ​​won the silver medal at the “Beer of the Year Award 2014” organized by Unionbirrai(“Speed” is produced by P3 Brewing Company of Sassari), and its success is matched by that of Figu  Blanche(produced by “Il Birrificio di Cagliari”). Also the recent successes of the breweries Barley, Horo and Rubiu, demonstrate the quality of these new products “made in Sardinia.”


Microbreweries Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 232 08022 Dorgali (NU)

Opening year 2012 Bottle 0.50 cl. Keg 5 l. Brewer: Tobias Mula

  • Prenda é oro – Helles 4,7 %
  • Perola é Notte – Dunkel 4,7 %


Microbreweries Località Scirìa – Montevecchio – Levante S.P. 66 km 5,6 09036 Guspini (CA)

Opening year 2013


  • Blonde – Lagher 4,7 %


Microbreweries Via Cristoforo Colombo 09040 Maracalagonis (CA)

Brewery Associated to Unionbirrai Production estimated at 400 hl / year(2009) Bottle  75 cl. –  37,5 cl.

The reality Barley was born in August of 2006 from the passion of the then Homebrewer Nicola Perra and the passionate Isidoro Mascia. Their beers won Several national and international awards, all are top-fermented, not pasteurized and fermented in the bottle.

  • Friska – Blanche 5%
  • Zàgara – Birra al miele 5,1%
  • Tùvi Tùvi – Blond Ale 6,2%
  • Sella del Diavolo – Belgian Ale 6,5%
  • Macca Meda – American Amber Ale 7,8%
  • Toccadibò – Belgian Golden Strong Ale 8,4%
  • BB 10 – Imperial Stout alla sapa di Cannonau 10%
  • BB Evò – Barley Wine alla sapa di Nasco 10%


Microbreweries Via Sardegna 11 07040 Uri (SS)

Opening year 2005 Production estimated at360 hl./anno (2009) Bottle 33 cl. – Keg Brewer: Gavino Pisanu e Fabio Scarpa


  • Dolmen – Bohemian Pilsner 5 % Vol.
  • Menhir – Amber Ale 5 % Vol.


Microbreweries Vico IX Vittorio Emanuele 22 09010 Fluminimaggiore (CI)

Opening year 2005 Production estimated at350 hl./anno (2009) Bottle 50 cl. Brewer: Mauro Obinu


  • Janasbeer Blonde – Blonde Ale 5 % Vol.
  • Janasbeer Red Double – Belgian Speciality Ale 5 % Vol.


Microbreweries Via Gennargentu 16 08047 Tertenia (OG)

Opening year 2008 Bottle 50 cl. Brewer: Francesca Lara Small family-owned brewery, which began testing the cultivation of hops (Golding) in Sardinia.


  • W16-71 – Bavarian Weizen 5,7 % Vol.
  • Rubja di Lara – Strong Bitter/E.P.A. 6,2 % Vol.
  • Tzar – Belgian Ale 5 % Vol.

Il birrificio di Cagliari

Brew Pub Via Newton 24 09131 Cagliari (CA)

Nell’Agosto del 2008, apre a Cagliari il primo BrewPub della città. “Marco & Ninni” i due soci, stretti oltre che dalla stessa passione per la Birra anche da un legame di parentela, mettono in piedi il loro sogno, tre le birre che si possono trovare nel locale, affiancate spesso da alcune stagionali o commemorative.


  • Biddanoa – Munich Helles 5 % Vol.
  • Stampaxi – Wheat 4,5 % Vol.
  • Casteddu – Dry Stout 4,3 % Vol.


Brew Pub Viale trento 22 09017 Sant’Antioco (CI)

Opening year 2009 Produzione stimata 120 hl/anno (2009) Brewers: Fabrizio Melis – Luca Garau


  • Kolsch – Koelsch 5,2 % Vol..
  • English Ale – Strong Bitter /E.P.A. 5,5 % Vol.
  • Belgian Strong Ale – Belgian Strong Golden Ale. 8,9 % Vol
  • Triga – Witbier 5 % Vol


Microbreweries Zona Industriale Muros 07030 Muros SS

Opening year 1999 Produzione stimata 200 hl./anno (2009) Bottle 50cl. – Keg Brewer: Andrea Papa


  • Sambrinus bionda – Bohemian Pilsner 4,9 % Vol.
  • Sambrinus ambrata– Vienna 6 % Vol.
  • Sambrinus Nera – Swartz 6,5 % Vol


Microbreweries Via Lubiana 177 / A 09013 Carbonia (CI)

Opening year 2007


  • Sàdeunu – Doppelbock 8,8 % Vol.
  • Argyro – Bohemian Pilsner 5 % Vol.
  • Korra – Bock 6,5 % Vol.
  • Triguria – Wheat 5 % Vol


Microbreweries Via Santa Croce 10 09076 Sedilo (OR)

Opening year 2008 Produzione stimata 215 hl./anno (2009) Bottle 50 cl. – Keg Birraio: Sergio Ciulu All’interno del Birrificio c’è un piccolo spaccio per poter degustare le birre alla spina. Il piccolo birrificio è situato al centro del paese nei locali ristrutturati di un vecchio “Tzillèri”.


  • Pilsner – Bohemian Pilsner 5 % Vol.
  • Monaco – Munich Dunkel 5,2 % Vol.
  • Tàmbula – Bock 6,5 % Vol.
  • Weizen – Bavarian Weizen 5 % Vol.



Via Porto Torres 1 08025 Oliena (NU)

Anno di apertura 1999 Produzione stimata 1000 hl/anno (2009) Brewer: Francesco Fadda Bottle 33cl.


  • Birs – Munich Helles 5,1 % Vol.

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