#ilikesardinia: La Cavalcata Sarda 2015

Cavalcata Sarda 2015

A dive into the tradition


Just a few days at the unmissable annual  event that Sunday, May 24, will bring  thousands people, horsemen and horsewomen, in Sassari, dressed in the traditional clothing. They will animate this event that is celebrated for over a century and still retains the charm of yesteryear. The first Cavalcata Sarda was organized in 1899 in honor of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita, and every year in memory of that event keep happening one of the richest, most colorful and lively parade of this Island, a real show that represents the tradition! The magic is that of a past time: ancient and haunting, musics and sounds  involve players and spectators which mingle in a show that is like a living museum with incredible colors and shapes. Among others you can see the knights of Sedilo and  the sartiglieri of Oristano, the Mamuthones of Mamoiada, Boes and Merdules  of Ottana. Download the program of the event.

An event not to be missed!

GPS coordinates: 40.726133, 8.5461478

wine,olive oil,cheese,pecorino,cannonau,vermentino,malvasia,cagnulari,carignano,moscato

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Beaches of Sardinia: Su Giudeu

Beach of “Su Giudeu”

Cove of Chia – Cagliari


Su Giudeu is a lovely beach, overlooking the Bay of Chia, and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, with a dream sea,  shallow sea bottom, crystal clear water and fine white sand. It’s a beach that enchant and wonder both old and new visitors!!! And at the end of the day as appetizer …..sheep and goat cheeses(see post), traditional flavors of Sardinia, accompanied by a glass of Carignano (see post). Not to be missed !!!

GPS Coordinates : 38.883617, 8.862705

vino,olio di oliva,cannonau,vermentino,moscato,malvasia,cagnulari,carignano,nuragus

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Cala di Forrola

Baunei – Ogliastra


Baunei(see post 1 and 2) is a municipality in Ogliastra, a Sardinian province famous for its beautiful and pristine coves, and unspoiled beaches. It is here that we find Cala di Forrola, one of the most beautiful cove, with its transparent and crystal clear waters, and the beach made of white sand and pebbles, surrounded by a lush Mediterranean scrub, low and fragrant: a paradise for divers and snorkelers! Cala di Forrola can be reached both by sea and through a hiking trail that starts from Pedra Longa. And after a day at the beach, we suggest to you a glass of Cannonau(see post), the flagship wine of this land and the Red wine par excellence, and a plate of culurgiones (see post), excellent traditional Sardinian recipe!

wine,olive oil,cannonau,vermentino,moscato,malvasia,cagnulari,carignano,nuragus

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Porto Cervo Wine Festival 2015

Costa Smeralda

The best of Italian and Sardinian oenology


Just a few days to another important event that will take place here in Sardinia …. the Porto Cervo Wine Festival 2015. The seventh edition of this event will take place May 15 to 17 at the Cervo Conference Center, in the heart of Porto Cervo (see post). A place of extraordinary beauty will host a selected national and international audience of industry professionals and passionate wine lovers, who can discover wineries from Sardinia and from other italian regions, and taste fine wines and meet winemakers and sommeliers. The occasion is also great to visit this piece of paradise before the summer season begins and with it its frantic pace.

Summer Recipes: Fresh Vegetables and Prawn’s Tails

Fresh Vegetables and Prawn

A really delicious combination


Easy to do, fresh, excellent as main course, or as a special appetizer, “summer” because “summer is coming”! It doesn’t want to be a real recipe, but an idea to taste, simple and tasty!


  • leek (or fresh green onion, now is the time!)
  • salad (lettuce, escarole, summer crisp lettuce …)
  • 1 potato
  • peas (fresh ones now!)
  • prawns


Slice the leek (or the green onion) and pan-fry it with extra virgin olive oil, add the salad, the potato cutted into cubes, and the peas. Meanwhile steam the prawn tails. Once cooked, mince the vegetables until you have a smooth cream, a velvet sauce. So put the sauce in a dish and the prawns on top of this. Great if paired with a glass of Vermentino! (See post).

Note: If you serve it as a main dish, you can enrich the velvet sauce with a slice of toasted bread and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We then like to add a sprinkle of chopped fresh mint that makes it even cooler.

Bon appetit!

vino,olio di oliva,cannonau,vermentino,moscato,malvasia,cagnulari,carignano

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