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Today we translate a  post previously written for Easter. We wanted to suggest you some ideas about how to spend the days of Easter and of Monday outside the walls of the house, because, also with a bad weather,  Easter is always a good time to move, and if will not be possible do it during these two days, write down these ideas, and enjoy these places at the first opportunity.

  • Trip to the mines: our tour starts from the Coal Museum in Carbonia (which these days is also home of the fascinating exhibition of Easter breads, true works of art) and continues with a visit to the great mine of Serbariu, where you can relive, visiting its galleries, the emotions that felt the miners that there have spent much of their lives extracting coal. This mine is inserted inside the Historical and Environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia and was active from 1937 to 1964, typifying the economy of the area. One hundred kilometers of underground tunnels at a maximum depth of 179 meters below the surface, where the miners were working 24 hours a day, divided in three shifts. The mine was officially closed in 1971. Another mining site that is part of the Park, and that  definitely is worth a visit, is the Montevecchio mine, rich in history and emotions and whose business has continued with ups and downs until 1991. Situated in the territory of Guspini, is immersed in a beautiful natural surrounding: near here there are also  the mines of Arbus and Ingurtosu(see post) immersed in the charm of this coast, called “Costa Verde“, with Capo Pecora(see post), Piscinas(see post), Scivu, Cala Domestica, that are true wonders of nature. And to end our trip in the Park (which includes, however, a total of eight mining sites), we suggest another mine, which is like the others no longer operational, the mine of Porto Flavia, Musua, in the municipality of Iglesias, inside the mountain in front of the Pan di Zucchero, inserted in a breathtaking landscape!
  • Lake Mulargia: is an artificial lake, a great place to enjoy a day of relaxation and to enjoy a splendid view. In the inside some islets and all around a lush vegetation. It’s close to the archaeological park of Pranu Muttedu, it’s equipped with sports facilities and along its banks there are accommodation and dining options. A stretch of water that is definitely worth a visit. You can also visit it on special boats Mississippi style.
  • Forest of Burgos (and castle): Monday, April 6, will be held the second edition of the farmer’s market with stands, eateries with typical dishes, dances, horse shows, pony games with Asinara albino donkeys and wild horses, visits to the yew forest, archaeological excursions and both free and guided visits,  also to the castle of Burgos, the pond and the woods.
  • Green trains of Sardinia: a different way to discover Sardinia, certainly one of the most attractive, to contemplate nature at moderate speed, while sitting on vintage carriages and climbing along internal railroads to the discovery of the ancient Sardinia, of woods, of granite mountains, to see rivers and lakes  and reach the sea! The tourist lines of the Green Train are four, we suggest the line Macomer-Bosa(see post), very scenic, passing by the Campeda plateau at about 500m a.s.l.  and coming to the station of Bosa Marina, at the mouth of the river Temo (which runs through the colorful town).
  • Aquarium of Cala Gonone: the visit to the Aquarium of Cala Gonone(see post) is another way to spend a different day to the  discovery of nature and to live great emotions. A modern structure surrounded by the Mediterranean, in the beautiful Orosei Gulf between mountains and sea, to the discovery of the turtle Caretta caretta and many other species, voracious piranhas, snapper, dogfish sharks, trumpet fish, rays, sea stars and a lot more!

And after so many pleasures for the eyes now some ideas for the pleasures (or sins) of throat:  “Festival del Torrone” in Tonara, with a special program for Easter Monday, with music, singing, dancing, choirs and kilos of delicious nougat (see post) ; “Chalices of Easter” in Jerzu (see post), food and wine festival, with non-stop tasting of the great wine Cannonau(see post), and much more, like the painting exhibition, the visits to the ancient cellars, to the nuraghe and also to the caves of Ulassai and Gairo(see post).
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Wine Tasting - Tour of Sardinia

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