Summer recipes: Gazpacho

Gazpacho A fresh and delicious summer recipe   July, almost forty degrees ... hellishly hot! It grows more and more the urge to eat something cool and tasty, perhaps accompanied by a glass of good cold wine and, better, consuming it by the sea. So here we are...

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Summer Recipes: Fresh Vegetables and Prawn’s Tails

Fresh Vegetables and Prawn A really delicious combination   Easy to do, fresh, excellent as main course, or as a special appetizer, "summer" because "summer is coming"! It doesn't want to be a real recipe, but an idea to taste, simple and tasty! Ingredients: leek...

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Sardinian Spiny Artichoke

Artichoke and bottarga A tasty coupling   The "Spiny" Artichoke (Spinoso) of Sardinia D.O.P. is a special vegetable, unique, commonly cultivated in Sardinia in the coastal areas of Sassari and Cagliari, and originally identified in the countryside of Bosa (see...

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Fregola with artichoke

Fregola with Artichokes Time of Artichokes   Winter, period of artichokes... those from Sardinia, very appreciated, match well with the fregola (see post), another typical food  of Sardinia, so why not write a recipe? Bon Appetite! Ingredients (serves 4): 320...

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Sardinian Cake with Ricotta and Lemon

 Cake of Ricotta A classic among the Sardinian desserts   Today we suggest to you one of those recipes suitable for all occasions, that you can prepare when you want to please everyone, easy to prepare and made of simple and typical ingredients : the ricotta is...

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Sardinia&Christmas: Gueffos, almond cakes

Gueffos Delicious pralines of almond paste   The Gueffus or Guelfus or Gueffos are pralines(cakes) made of soft almond paste, typical Sardinian pastries, very easy to prepare at home. As for the "sospiri"(from which those differ by the absence of the icing and...

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Sardinia&Christmas: Papassini, Christmas cookies

Papassini Celebration Cakes   When I was little I was always happy to go to visit relatives or family friends taking a tour of  some villages of Sardinia. Usually we did these trips during the holidays, especially Christmas or Easter, and every time and in every...

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Buckwheat Cake with Pears

Cake with Pears Buckwheat, Pears and Brown Sugar   Today we have a recipe, not very difficult, for the preparation of a really delicious cake also suitable for celiac people. As you may have guessed from the title, is made with pears, a very digestible fruit,...

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Cheese Soup Gallura Style

Cheese Soup In the light version   Having revisited in vegan style the chestnut soup(see post), we also revisited the famous "Zuppa Gallurese", a soup with bread and a cheese, with the intent to make it lighter and more easy to prepare. The original recipe...

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Autumn: Chestnut Soup

Chestnuts Queens of autumn   We are in autumn, the days are getting shorter and starts to get cold ... So why not warm up with a good plate of chestnut soup? Protagonists of the winter here in Sardinia, chestnuts are present in different recipes, but most of...

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Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables Light and Tasty   Today we have a simple recipe, but perhaps to call it "recipe" is too much.... This change of season and the weather affect my mood and when it happens, I'm tired, moody, lethargic. Do you notice your moods fluctuating with...

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Sardinian Rice: An Excellent Produce

Sardinian Rice Tradition and Quality   Today Sardinia is  an area where is also cultivated an excellent rice, but when started the sardinians  its production? Surely,  in the culinary culture of the island, the rice is not as central as bread or pasta of durum...

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Tastes of Autumn: Malloreddus with Pumpkin

Malloreddus with pumpkin A Plate Full of Tastes   Today we suggest you a recipe that combines typical Sardinian products, such as malloreddus, the "ricotta mustia" cheese(salted and lightly smoked), almonds, saffron, to get a tasty autumnal dish rich of flavors....

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Tastes of Sardinia: The Nougat

The Nougat Sardinia, a sweet island   When I was a kid one of the things that gave me more pleasure was to go to a local festival, whether they were the Candelieri(see post) or "La Calvacata Sarda" or one of many others, and to find a stand with the nougat. Yes,...

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Seadas: a typical sardinian dessert

Seadas Cheese, honey and...   Seadas or sebadas (singular, less used, "seada") are one of the most well-known sardinian pastries outside the island, and  originally these were a typical dish  of Easter. Now the seadas are currently produced in the whole Sardinia...

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Spaghetti with botargo

Spaghetti with botargo Spaghetti, botargo and a bottle of white wine   Today we have a very simple recipe, but very tasty. It is prepared with botargo, and so we have to explain to the uninitiated what the botargo is. The botargo is derived from the fish...

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Tagliatelle of the grape harvest

Taglietelle of the Grape Harvest Porcini, white grape, wine Vermentino ...   Autumn has officially begun, time of grape harvest, and then to inaugurate it with something tasty we suggest to you a dish with typical autumnal flavors and ingredients, made just with...

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Fregula: A Sardinian Couscous

Fregola with seafood Wine to drink: Vermentino Fregola (also fregula) is  very similar to couscous, mainly made ​​ in Cagliari, Oristano and Campidano. The durum wheat flour is kneaded by rubbing the dough until you get small irregular spheres; the flavor is...

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A meat pie: “Sa Panada”

Each province within Sardinia has its own tradition, and even within that area, that same dish will be prepared differently. A panada for instance, which is a pie filled with lamb(or pork or beef or also with eels), potatoes, sundried tomatoes, onions, garlic,...

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Crispy vegetarian lasagne with Pane Carasau

Today, an alternative recipe... The first time we talked about the bread "pane carasau", we suggested a classic recipe, the "Pane Frattau", but today we will use the pane carasau to get some sort of crispy vegetarian lasagne. Ingredients x 4 people: Pane carasau(about...

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Malloreddus with ragout of swordfish

The malloreddus, also known as Sardinian gnocchi, are certainly the most classic Sardinian pasta. They are made of semolina flour and water and are eaten with various sauces. Since ancient times, the housewives have prepared this type of pasta. The origin is to be...

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“Pane Frattau” – Sardinia style lasagna

Another traditional recipe for you: "pane frattau". This is a recipe that when prepared in the traditional manner, involving the characteristic, unleavened Sardinian bread “pane carasau” with the use of mutton broth(used to soften the bread), and transforming it into...

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