Cala Goloritzè is a beach that is located in the municipality of Baunei in the south of the Gulf of Orosei, Ogliastra(this part of sardinian territory). The Beach is one of the most striking of Sardinia, famous for the turquoise color of its waters, due to the flow of some underwater springs and for the beauty of some marble rocks smoothed by time. It’s also famous for its pinnacle(143 m high) that overlook the cove, known by climbers for its sport climbing routes: the most famous is the Symphony of Windmills, open from Manolo and Alessandro Gogna at the end of the seventies. Another characteristic feature of the “ogliastrina” beach  is the natural arch that opens on the right side of the bay. In a crevice between the rocks in the beach is also present (as already mentioned) a source of fresh water that from underground flows into the sea. The beach is littered with small white pebbles and sand, and is characterized by shallow waters, making it safe for children to play. The scenery, in itself beautiful for the union of the blue sea and the green of the surrounding vegetation is also enhanced by the presence of Eleonora’s falcon, very rare species that has chosen this area to nest.

Cala Goloritzé can be reached through two paths: one by land the other by sea. On land, you can follow a trek after leaving the car parked in the parking lot of “Su Porteddu“. From here start the trails leading up to Cala Luna and that continue until Cala Goloritzè. The route starts at the Golgo plateau and descends steeply towards the magnificent cove, in a lonely and surreal atmosphere, dominated by gigantic sculptures and natural monuments, crossing the Supramonte of Baunei. The journey takes about an hour and a half downhill (and two hours uphill, of course without counting the stop on the beach); it’s quite simple and can be easly completed by anyone who is accustomed to walk. Currently the coast near the beach (200 m from the shore) is completely closed to traffic of motorboats to preserve the beach from pollution and from the onslaught of tourists (from the buoys bounding, you can reach the beach only with boats without engine).

The Goloritzè Cove was declared a Natural Monument” of the Region of Sardinia in 1993, and then named “Italian National Monumentin 1995.


The trek starts from the Golgo plateau and descends steeply towards the cove. The signage is not present, but it is not necessary, in fact you have to go down along the cobblestone path trough to the canyon of the Baku Goloritzè, down to the sea. the difference of height is significant (uphill you will notice the steep slope). The path with the bottom completely of cobblestones that leads down to the sea requires a little ‘attention. Amazing and extraordinary the scenery of the cove that can be seen from the top, perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of Sardinia.

After arriving in Baunei (see directions) we follow a steep paved road that climbs the ridge and that after some tight curves leads us to the plateau of Golgo. From here we continue for another ten kilometers, up to an intersection where you can see the road signs that point the way to “su Sterru“, “Cala Sisine” and also  Goloritzè Cove. Continue in that direction and leave the car in the parking lot of the Cooperative Goloritzè (you have to pay a ticket during the summer).  A wooden sign in the parking lot indicates the path to follow. Initially it climbs through the vegetation, then arrived at the top of the plateau begins the descent to the Baku Goloritzè , with a beautiful view of the canyon and the blue sea in the background. The path of cobblestone descends steeply and we recommend some good hiking shoes. Down the road (in addition to the spectacular wilderness), the view of some huts of shepherds used to camp the night is striking . It goes through a natural arch of rock, and after about 20 minutes you finally see the tip of the Guglia(Spire), a tower of limestone, a destination for many fans of rock climbing. The wild and rugged landscape, lonely, full of caves and ancient trees is eerily silent and it is not difficult to meet some animals, and among these, goats climbing on the rocks. We continue to fall towards the Spire and a little later there is a rest area with wooden tables. From here, after a few meters you run out of breath at the sight of the cove. We descend along the steep wooden staircase and finally we are arrived: in front of us the sea and the beach (made ​​of sand and small pebbles). We can see among other things the high vertical walls to our left, while at the right there is a singular natural rock arch on the beach (which is often seen in  the magazines) and also the spire overlooking the creek and the cave.


In addition to hiking boots, you should start early on the morning beacause as soon as the sun starts to descend  behind the towering walls of Baku Goloritzè, early in the afternoon, the cove begins to be in shadow. In addition, the return is much more tiring.
PS: You can also follow an alternative route to get to the falls. For more information please visit

Gps Coordinates of “Su Porteddu” parking lot: 40.083150, 9.678300

GPS Coordinates of Cala Goloritzè Beach: 40.1088608,9.6891195

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