Wines of Sardinia: The Girò

Girò Red Wine DOC Fine grape variety and of great potential, especially for the production of dessert wine or sipping wine. Probably its origins  date back to the Spanish rule, when it was introduced in Campidano di Cagliari. Girò have been most popular during the...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Nasco

Nasco White Wine DOC   Grown in Sardinia since ancient times, Nasco is a precious variety of rare finesse. Today it is cultivated mainly in calcareous and sunny soils  of the inland of the province of Cagliari(see post), in particular, in the municipalities of...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Monica

Monica Red Wine DOC   The Monica vine is one of the longest-standing in Sardinia and is to be found all over the island. Is believed that its introduction is due to the Camaldulian monks around the 11th century, from whom its name is derived. Another theory...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Semidano

The Semidano White Wine DOC   White grape, of uncertain origin, very common in antiquity. The spread of phylloxera in the late 1800, a parasite that destroyed vineyards throughout Europe, led to a reduction in the cultivated area. In fact, at the time of...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Vernaccia

Vernaccia di Oristano White Wine DOC   Ancient and noble grape, cultivated in  Sardinia since the time of the Phoenicians. Over time, its cultivation has been limited almost exclusively to the province of Oristano. The name of the vine, held to have been...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Torbato

Torbato White Wine DOC   The vine Torbato, is a white grape variety of undoubted Spanish origin, and grew significantly during the 300 years of permanence of the Catalans in Sardinia. Today is the less common on the island even though it is one of the finest. It...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Nuragus

The Nuragus White Wine DOC   Although in the recent years we have witnessed its gradual decrease in cultivation, definetely the vine Nuragus is, between the white grapes, the most widely grown in Sardinia. Its cultivation is more concentrated in the provinces of...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Bovale Sardo

Bovale Sardo Red Wine DOC   The Bovale Sardo is a native vine of red grapes, also present in other parts of Italy. It is characterized by the composition of the bunch and the high sugar content. The Bovale Sardo also has a high concentration of pigments,...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Carignano

Red Wine "DOC Carignano del Sulcis" Territory of Sulcis(CA) - Sardinia   The Carignano is a red grape variety that you can find in all wine-growing areas of the western Mediterranean, and in Sardinia its production is almost entirely concentrated in Sulcis...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Moscato

The Moscato Wines of Sardinia It can be found throughout Mediterranean wine-growing territories. In Sardinia, it is chiefly present in the chalky, sunny zones of lower Campidano and Romangia, as well as the granite area of Gallura. It is an ancient species, already...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Malvasia

It's a dessert wine (and not only) fine and elegant, traditionally regarded as a symbol of hospitality and friendship, reserved for special occasions and special people. The vines called Malvasia are very numerous and not always similar to each other: for this often...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Cagnulari

 Cagnulari DOC Red Wine Ancient grape that is grown in an area located north-west of the province of Sassari. It prefers sunny calcareous-argillaceous soils, is still cultivated with tree-Sardinian system or low counter-espaliers. Is enriched with sugars and...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Cannonau

Red Wine Cannonau DOC The most typical wine of Sardinia The Cannonau is the wine that perhaps more than any other is associated with Sardinia. The cultivation of the vine has spread throughout the island, but finds his election environment in the inner areas. Recent...

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Wines of Sardinia: The Vermentino

Vermentino DOC and DOCG An Elegant White Wine Vermentino is another typical wine of Sardinia and its wine production. This variety arrived in Sardinia via Corsica in the late 1800s. From granitic soils of Gallura in which has found its ideal habitat, then spread...

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Wine Tasting - Tour of Sardinia

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